Anyone else have a problem with being unable to relax your throat no matter how hard you try? I keep my adams apple high and far back in my throat to modify my voice to be more feminine, as I always have, but in the last year I've run into feeling like I literally can't stop doing that, and sometimes it hurts a little. Like, I literally physically try to let go of the tension and my muscles don't behave.
It's weird and obnoxious. Halp.


re: #justtransproblems 

@V Muscle memory strikes back!

re: #justtransproblems 

@zowie Mmhm 😿
Like, I appreciate you, body, for letting me voice pass when I'm awake... but I don't need to voice pass when I'm asleep 😓

re: #justtransproblems 

@V I can't even get it to pass yet, hope you can find some good middleground though

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